2(x)ist Spring/Summer 2015 NYC

The city of New York witnessed the event of the year, the Official 2(x)ist Spring / Summer 2015 Men’s underwear and swimwear is highly positioned in the Big Apple, with impeccable production, Creative Director Jason Scarlatti delivers a collection discrete but colorful in bathing suits, classic cuts in speedos, and a sports line that invites you to do any kind of sport, with special fabrics so that your skin can breathe properly. The show was played by the best models of New York City, where we see Andre Ziehe is leading the new campaign of this year. This show is too demanding, where people from all the photographic industry, models, agencies, want to enjoy the show and after. The truth is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

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  1. Ernst Fernand

    2xist should stick with underwear. The sportswear (shorts and pants) are generic and fit terribly.

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