This post is intended for photographers and models who shared his work with me, and also for all the new guys who have entered the world of fashion modeling.

Throughout this four years we have received many proposals for new models who want to enter the world of modeling, but without knowing where to go, who to go and especially how to dress in your first photo shoot either if only a test shooting or update your new portfolio for that agency. So we divide into parts: What to wear into Polaroids and what to wear in your first photo shoot or test shoot.


After you decide become a model, and you think you have the potential to become a real professional model. You have to have fresh polaroids or digitals instant on your portfolio. How come? well tell a friend or your girl friend to help you out with this, I do not recommend put on timer your iPhone or digital camera, and is not a ‘selfie’, do not send any selfie into a gym, bathroom, bedroom, any where around your place. Search for a clean white background (could be behind at any door) into a wide open room with clean walls. This is why you have the most natural light in your face and body. Took 4 pictures: head shot, 3/4 head shot, full body and torso. Please choose a denim jeans, black shoes, with a black or white 100% cotton t-shirt with round neck, I do recommend tagless underwear briefs, or boxers. Please do not choose t-shirts with any offensive graphics or to long jeans, or some cheap underwear with the big tag on it. Attached some examples:

Now let’s see what you’re going to wear in your first basis session, either to present with clients, or part to update your portfolio.
This recommendation goes even for novice photographers or stylists. This recommendation is basic, shall be divided into 3 parts, formal, casual and underwear/swimsuit. Note to yourself, that for your first session must have a proper hair cut, if you leave the beard clean it and delineated and also eyebrows clean.

  • Formal

Is simple, if you don’t see any stylist around the session. First, look into your closet and search for a black / blue / gray simple suit (trousers and jacket) a white clean shirt, dark socks and black shoes, tie and a belt.

  • Casual

Here we have some freedom to play casual pieces, but we can not abuse this combination. Do not try to find designer pieces, at least not now, if you have a stylist who is responsible for that role, let him play for you. But right now you’ll do on your own. Or will you ask your model using the following clothes. Jeans, (blue or black) I do not recommend white denim jeans on the first testing because it could be some problem to mix it up with some tops. Nice shoes, casual shoes, loafers, boots, casual boots. (black or dark brown.) You could still have your dark casual jacket, or denim jacket


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  • Underwear / Swimwear Shoot 

-Underwear Shooting

I’ve always said that if you do not have the ability or talent to dress your model, then Take his clothes and go! If these recommendations you have made difficult, or do not have this style of clothing is simple skip the two steps and become a model underwear and swimsuits, some stylist will later dress you up for any occasion. There are many people who has trouble following the steps, this is only simple recommendations to make more active session and to not waste any time neither for you nor for the model photographer.

The only central focus of a session of underwear are 3 things, body, face and a good package. I recommend not abused photoshop obviously need to have an eye ready to pick your model, you should have a good trained and toned body. The face must be flawless, find focal points and capture, discover the perfect angles, discover the beauty of the model, not flaws. Well, have a good package is a viral attraction, if you know how to use, you will have great rewards.

-Swimsuit shot

Depends if you go to work for some brand bathing suits, or the mark of bathing suit you have sponsored swimsuits if you should consider and seek your muse is good looking. If the model is first-will have to be very confident, and good management of the session, it is a team effort, it is not only the photographer or just the model, is teamwork. Remember to find the focal points. It’s more fun to do a session on a beach, pool or any tourist place, but if you can not, you can achieve wonders in the study. Try to look for swimwear brand now in trendy  Look, in fact, here in Fashionably Male can find any inspiration.


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We hope this simple recommendations could help for you, remember you’re not alone in this, and you can ask me for any recommendations, brand, style, casting we could work together.  Fashionably Male. chriscruzleija@gmail.com

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