MANGO Man Tech Capsules Collection

Thermore® thermally-insulated anorak

This is a quilted anorak with an ultra-soft and lightweight lining whose Thermore® technology offers maximum protection against the cold.

This jacket is produced in a top quality water-resistant laminated fabric and contains a Thermore® technology lightweight lining which insulates the cold and is very comfortable withou being bulky.

In addition to a Thermore® technology thermal lining, this water-resistant jackeet incorporates a detachable interior anorak that can be used a separate garment, making it particulartly lightweight while insulating the cold and humidity.

Thi sis a parka which has a Thermore® technology lightweight lining which protects against the cold. Ther garment does not have a simple thermal lining but is produced in a Premium quality lamintated water-resistant fabric and incorporates  an interior anorak which can be detached and woen separately.


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