Nautica Fall/Winter 2016 New York

The stage was set before the show started with an opening video of the sea that morphed into a collage of buildings and bridges.

This juxtaposition of the water and the city was the inspiration for Nautica’s fall collection, whose new marching order is: “Inspired by the sea, designed in the city.”

Designer Steve McSween said he sought to “make an elegant mark with nautical references fused throughout.”

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That translated into signature cable-knit sweaters in luxurious twisted cashmere, and pea coats, duffles and utility jackets in wool.

One particular standout was a winter white wool admiral coat paired with a mohair and merino turtleneck and a twill officer pant.

Athletic references were scattered throughout, with gabardine pants with elastic waists, joggers in stretch gabardine and a storm proof cotton blazer with a reflective stripe on the back.

Although some pieces fell short — a transparent rubber fireman jacket — the majority of the collection was definitely wearable and will undoubtedly sell well at retail.

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