Boys from Guy Danieli

GDP_0422_fix_B&WGDP_0440_fix_B&WGDP_0459_fix_B&WGDP_0437_fix_B&WGDP_0624_fix_B&WGDP_0494_fix_B&WGDP_0570_fix_B&WGDP_0518_fix_B&WGDP_0718_fix_B&WGDP_0814_fix_B&WGDP_0797_fix_B&WGDP_0844_fix_B&WGDP_0887_fix_FIXGDP_0873_fix_B&WGDP_0829_fix_B&WGDP_0880_fix_B&WGDP_1060_fix_B&WGDP_0995_fix_B&W..GDP_1068_fix_B&WGDP_0920_fix_B&WShooting winter photoshoot at Tel Aviv photographer Guy Danieli reunited boys from Passion Management: Barak Shamir, Alon Kraus, Gal Belafonte, Raz Malca all styled by Eyal Hagbi. Make-up: Andrey Zukal for Adah Lazorgan. Models wearing Zara, Nouveau Riche Dog Sketch, Scotch & Soda and Eliran Nargassi.

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