Chase Carpenter Exclusive Interview | PnV Network

Chase Carpenter in an Exclusive Interview for PnV Network

Photography by Travis Lane

by: Chris Chase @ChrisChaseTx

When you do an interview with someone you barely know it’s often difficult to predict how it will turn out. That was not the case this time around. Before our interview I thought Chase Carpenter was a great looking guy that had an amazing personality. What I found was all of that is true and then some! Chase has a magnetic quality. His good looks are representative of how beautiful he is as a person. I put Chase Carpenter in the company of a select few people that I feel better off having met. What you’ll see in this interview is a playful, sincere, gracious and polite guy with charm in bucket loads. Chase Carpenter has “it”, whatever “it” is and soon everyone will know it.

Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (2)

Chris Chase: I’m so glad you agreed to this interview. I’m really looking forward to letting our readers get to know you. Let’s start off with the basics. Give me your stats.

Chase Carpenter:


height: I am 6’3”(190.5 cm),

hair color: Blond,

eye color: Blue,

birthday: February 8th,

hometown: Anaheim

Chris Chase-Tell me your story…

Chase Carpenter:

It all started for when was a child walking around Fashion Island with my father. A scouter came up to us and offered to represent me as a commercial model. That sparked the idea that this could be my future.  Fast forward to one year ago.  In February, my father, a part-time professional photographer, took a photo of me at the lunch table.  I was wearing this beanie and a sweater; I looked the part of a total dorky kid.  Other photographers, agencies, followers messaged my father asking who this “model” was. Seeing their confidence and persistence, we decide to give it a shot.  I was literally leaving to go blind auditioning in LA, when a photographer, Tom Cullis, called, asking to let him shoot me first.  The shoot with Tom was a blast, and provided some incredible shots.  With Tom’s help and these new photos, I snagged an interview with my future talent agency in LA, NTA.  The incredible international photographer Wander Aguiar then talked my dad into allowing him to have a shoot with me. That was a game changer. I had a blast and learned lessons I use today. And, it was that day that my first magazine editorial was shot.  Wander also provided help with prepping my portfolio.  At this point, I was prepped to present myself and my book to agencies.  I soon signed with Aston Models, and the adventure began. Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (3)

Chris Chase-Who’s your childhood hero?

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Chase Carpenter: Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.  He’s a confident man, knows what is best in his world, and saves the day by fearlessly facing an army!

Chris Chase-how long have you been in the business and what drove you to be a model?

Chase Carpenter: I’ve been in the business since August.  I like to make expressions.  Carry a mood.  Create a character.  When I can capture that on film, I’m enthralled.Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (4)

Chris Chase-What are your long term aspirations?

Chase Carpenter: I am hoping to get into acting.  The real Chase is a comedian.  And this is who I want to show to the world.

Chris Chase-if you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

Chase Carpenter: I would be working at my old job at Skechers, hanging with my friends, finishing my degree in Business Administration with a possible minor in Philosophy.Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (5)

Chris Chase-What does your workout routine look like?

Chase Carpenter: Back at home I would change up target muscles every weekday at the gym as well as insistently do cardio morning and night.

Chris Chase-A perfect day for Chase is…?

Chase Carpenter: I would say taking the day out with a really good friend. My favorite time is when you go to eat with someone, especially on cheat days.  You share good bites, and can talk about anything.  Afterwards, go anywhere, maybe a mall, and laugh the whole time.Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (6)

Chris Chase-What’s your favorite cheat food?

Chase Carpenter: Cheeseburgers!

Chris Chase-What do you do in your spare time?

Chase Carpenter: I have a journal I keep, I love music, shopping, and trying new foods.

Chris Chase-Favorite TV show, movie, music, sports, Team?


Chase Carpenter: Shark Tank, Lord of the Rings, EDM, football, Seahawks!

Chris Chase-If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

Chase Carpenter: “Hi this is my friend Chase, he’s a model”…(no one believes with my weird personality that I could be a model).

Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network (7)

Chris Chase-In one word describe yourself. Then tell me why.

Chase Carpenter: Dorky.  I make weird faces, noises all the time. I like to randomly dance. I have corny jokes.  I just want to see people laugh and smile.

Chris Chase-Who inspires you?

Chase Carpenter: My dad, Timothy.  He is the strongest person I’ve ever met.  With how much he has been able to accomplish and still spend time with me is amazing.  I want to be half the father he is. Chase Carpenter by Travis Lane PnV Network

Chris Chase-In five years Chase Carpenter …?

Chase Carpenter: will still be pursuing his dreams somewhere in the entertainment world. 

Chris Chase-Tell me something few people know about you.

Chase Carpenter: I am obsessed with the video-game League of Legends.  I’m taking a break right now with my traveling, can’t wait to get my Gold account up.

Those were AMAZING answers! Chase could be my best friend any day.

Chase Carpenter:

Instagram and Twitter: @cacarpenter5

Photographer Travis Lane

Instagram: @travislanephoto

Twitter: @TravisLanePhoto

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