Hot Ranking 5 Male Models on The Ellen Show

Every season The Ellen Show has the best male model and we only go breathless because all guys are so hot, showing off CK models, hot competitions, presentations of Top models. We ranking the best 5 hot male models on The Ellen Show.

But who remember that video when Ellen has flown in her top 5 contestants to strut their stuff on the runway! Who do you think won the title?

or even this hot Gardener competition?

Let’s go back to ranking the hot male models. WAIT!!!

5) With her newly crowned, first official Ellen Underwear model, Ellen had to do a live commercial for her underwear! Gluteus Mikesimus (Mike Wolfange) didn’t disappoint!

4) But not only that Ellen took the entire Undewear competition to Down Under, with the help of Gluteus Mike, Ellen picked the winner of her Sydney Underwear Model search! 

3) When Ellen calls out the very handsome star of the Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercial Matt Terry was here to meet Ellen, and to show off the goods!

2) He thought he was posting a photo of a deck he built. Model Matthew Noszka had no idea that what he was actually doing was launching a successful modeling career!

1) When Ellen talked with Lucky Blue Smith the very handsome and very charming young, Lucky’s model career started to explode.

Happy Hump Day! 🙂



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