The project is exalting male body. Aspiration to explode familiar artistic photography canons that implicitly discriminate male nudity. The liberation of the male body through the demonstration of refined poses reveals incredible potential — as it visually exceeds female body because of its natural phisiques — can not go out of focus. “SLEEK’N’TEARS” peremptorily proclaims the perfection of men.

Project is taken by photoartist Krista Sudmalis, creative make up artist and stylist by Anna Shafran.

The project extolling the male body. The desire aimed at changing the usual canons of art photography that indirectly discriminate against an outcrop of the stronger sex. The liberation of the male body through the demonstration of Fine poses opens an incredible amount of features, visually superior to the female body due to their natural abilities, that can not be ignored. SLEEK'N'TEARS not hesitate states of perfection in the person of men.SLEEK’N’TEARS (1)SLEEK’N’TEARS (2)SLEEK’N’TEARS (3)SLEEK’N’TEARS (4)SLEEK’N’TEARS (5)

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