PnV Exclusive Interview: Frank Englund Tall, dark and handsome!

PnV Exclusive Interview:

Frank Englund

Tall, dark and handsome!

by Chris Chase @PnVMaleModelHQ

One day I was doing scrolling through Instagram looking for someone new to feature. As always I hit the accounts of some of my favorite photographers. When I looked at their timelines I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across Frank Englund. Brown hair, green eyes and a very striking look. Perfect. I began showing his photos with a great reaction. I asked Frank if I could interview him and let our followers get a look inside his life and he agreed. The photos are by Parke and Ronen.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (6)

Chris Chase: Hello Frank Englund! I’m very excited about this interview. Thanks for your time. Let’s start with a statistical rundown.

Frank England: Sure thing Chris! Thanks for the opportunity.

Height: 6’1.5

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Grey/Green

Birthday: May 29

Hometown: Downingtown, PA

CC: Brown hair and green eyes are my favorite. I always ask people who their childhood hero was. It’s always cool to bring in some nostalgia. Who’s your childhood hero?

FE: I wanted to be Otto from Rocket Power. I was also extremely envious of Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents because having Fairy Godparents would be the coolest thing ever! Lol On a serious note, I’ve always looked up to my father more than anyone, I still do.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (1)

CC: Part of that great personality! I was a big Batman fan! Tell me, how long have you been in the business and what drove you to be a model?

FE: I’ve been modeling for just shy of a year now. Modeling was honestly something I never really considered doing, I never looked at it as an option. That is, until I was scouted on Facebook around Christmas of 2014. I went and met with the agency that scouted me; they sat me down and told me I really had a shot at being successful in this business if I took the proper steps and stayed committed. They offered me a contract that day and the rest is history.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (2)

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CC: You know a lot of agencies are scouting via social media these days. What are your long term aspirations? 

FE: I have a lot of goals and interests in different areas and industries, I don’t plan on limiting myself to just one. Modeling, however, is my immediate primary focus. I’m only young once so I have to take advantage and pursue this now. Ideally I’d love to use the platform of modeling to build a positive brand. There are so many self absorbed people in this industry, I want to rewrite the script and stereotype that is linked to modeling and use this platform to be a positive influence.

CC: if you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

FE: If I wasn’t modeling there are a couple things I would look into doing. I worked full time for a little while as a personal trainer and tennis pro. Both of those allowed me to be active every day and work with both adults and kids, which I love. I would probably be doing something in that field. I’ve also considered medical sales or something similar. That business allows you to be out traveling around throughout the day meeting with people. I just know I would have to do something where I’m not stuck in an office or at a desk all day, I would go crazy!PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (3)

CC: Tennis pro! That’s how you stay in such good shape. Tennis is a workout! Speaking of which, what does your workout routine look like?

FE: My workout routine and diet have changed drastically since I began modeling. I used to be about 20 pounds more muscular. I still lift 4-5 days a week, isolating 1-2 body parts each day. I do a mixture of HIIT and extended cardio 7 days/week to help me lean out and cut away any bulk.

CC: Wow! That’s some top notch work. Taking a break from workouts is good too. What is a perfect day for you look like?

FE: A perfect day to me would be a packed day of meetings and castings, I’m just looking to meet and get in front of people haha!

“A perfect off day for me would be gym in the morning, stand up paddle boarding or sailing at the lake in the afternoon, and dinner with friends or family. Then maybe end the day with watching basketball, football or a really good comedy. I really just enjoy the simple things in life.” — Frank

CC: What’s your favorite cheat food?

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FE: Coffee ice cream hands down. A lot of people don’t know that Starbucks makes a coffee ice cream that is just crazy good. Put some chocolate sauce and peanuts on that…ooohhhh man so good. Longhorn Steakhouse also makes a desert called the chocolate stampede…that thing is legendary.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (4)

CC: I guess I’ll be running by Starbucks later. Lol What do you do in your spare time? Not that you really leave yourself any.

FE: I love being on the water. In a perfect world I would be SUPing or sailing every day! I also love playing pick up basketball. I’ll read a book here and there as well, but don’t read quite as much as I’d like to.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (5)

CC: Favorite TV show, movie, music, sports, Team?

FE: My favorite TV show is First Take, it’s a sports debate show and the two hosts Stephen A. and Skip are hilarious.

I love watching movies, so picking one is pretty tough. Warrior, The Hurt Locker, and Anchorman are a few, but my list goes on and on.

I grew up just outside of Philly, so naturally I’m a Philadelphia sports fan. The Eagles and 76ers top that list. One of my best friends plays for the Cincinnati Bengals though, so I don’t have much of a choice but to pull for them.   PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (7)

CC: If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

FE: I think they would say I’m genuine and reliable. My close friends know I’m always there for them 100% of the time and they can talk to be about anything and everything. I’m the same guy no matter of my circumstance or who I’m talking to, they can count on me to always be the same Frank Englund.

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CC: In one word describe yourself. Then tell me why.

FE: Consistent.

“I know it’s the daily little things that eventually lead to success. If you ask anyone that is close to me they’ll tell you you’d have to kill me before quit.”— Frank

CC: Consistency breeds success. Who inspires you? 

FE: I mentioned my dad earlier and I have to bring him up again. He’s the perfect example of going against the norm and doing what makes you happy. My mom also inspires me in her own way. She’s almost obnoxiously optimistic haha and will tell anyone that they are capable of anything, and its contagious. My older brother also holds a place of inspiration. He’s the definition of a do’er. He’s a no BS kind of guy and just gets things done. He is only 24 years old and the amount he has accomplished in life already Is amazing.PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen (8)

CC: It’s refreshing to hear someone speak of their parents in such glowing terms. In five years Frank Englund …?

FE: In five years I’m pretty confident ill have a wife and be starting a family. Obviously that’s not something I can truly foresee, but I don’t like dating around, I’m a one woman kind of guy. At this point I’ll also have established myself throughout the modeling industry and looking forward to that next phase of life.

CC: Tell me something few people know about you. 

FE: I  didn’t break 5’4 until I was 17 years old. I was really short and thank God I hit a huge growth spurt, otherwise this whole modeling thing would not have worked out too well haha!!PnV Network- Frank Englund for Parke and Ronen

Model: Frank Englund

Instagram: @frankenglund

Photographer: Parke and Ronen

Instagram: @parkeandronen

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