“THIS SWEET LOVE” Orlando Tribute Dance Film by Daniel Robinson

Photographer and film maker Daniel Robinson created a dance film in response to the Orlando tragedy featuring members of the Broadway community and we want to share this with you.

After the 49 people were murdered in a gay nightclub in Orlando, I found myself feeling speechless, numb and debilitated. The day after, my newly engaged fiancé and I walked to the Stonewall bar to show our respects hand and hand. For the first time, in a long time I hesitated to hold on. I was in the streets of NYC where all the freedom began, and I was afraid to let down my guard and show the people around that this is the man I love and share my life with. I was doing exactly what they wanted.THIS SWEET LOVE by Daniel Robinson

The very next day my dear friend and mentor Fred Caruso wrote on Facebook  “I have nothing left to create – I truly don’t think I have an idea of what love or happiness is”, he committed suicide at 41. In 2008, Fred cast me in his film called “THE BIG GAY MUSICAL”, and I was lucky enough to play himself. The film put “GAY” and my name, Daniel Robinson,  in the same sentence and it turned my passion from onscreen as an actor to offscreen as a filmmaker. His loss deeply impacted me.THIS SWEET LOVE by Daniel Robinson (1)

Now it was time for me to respond. I text my friend and collaborator Charlie Williams, “Want to choreograph a dance film in response to Orlando?”. “Yep, sure do!”, he replied. He grabbed his boyfriend – Ryan Steele, my fiancé – Josh Daniel Green, a group of our great friends, 49 candles, 2 rooftops, a beautiful song by James Yuill and “Sweet Love” was our message.THIS SWEET LOVE by Daniel Robinson (2)

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Live loud, be strong, cry, laugh, respond how you need to. Hold your partners hand and check in with folks with a smile and a hug. Whatever happens, we got this. We always have and we always will. Oh yeah, and Keep Dancing..  #WEAREORLANDOTHIS SWEET LOVE by Daniel Robinson (4)

Go and check it out and please repost this work! #LoveWins


Ryan Steele + Josh Daniel Green


Daniel Robinson

Charlie Williams


Charlie Williams


Daniel Robinson


Rod Piau

Mike Giardino

MUSIC BY James Yuill

“This Sweet Love” (Bright Light Bright Light Remix)

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