Brain&Beast Spring/Summer 2017 Barcelona

/ TRANSITIONAL Phenomena / has seen the light the new Collection showing off at 080 Barcelona Fashion by Brain&Beast for its Spring/Summer 2017.

According to the English psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, a transitional object is one in which the child deposited in certain bond with important psychological functions such as sleep or try to soothe the boredom. Emerges as an object that replaces certain functions of the mother when she is not there, and helps control the anxiety of separation. It provides security and is a source of pleasure, and at the same time, objective (real object) and subjective (because they attribute functions in the field of imagination). As a symbolic precursor allows the child constitutes an intermediate area between himself and reality. Subsequently, the object disappear as such, this intermediate zone is where the game will take place, creativity, art and culture. The circumstances surrounding this object called then transitional phenomena.

/ TRANSITIONAL Phenomena / universe that is somewhere between reality and the self, an imaginary space and background that draws from a standpoint fun, creative personality and gives rise to the entry inadvertently at maturity. It is an emotional flashback, which, as a cathartic hedonistic remember who we are and where we are in a social environment that sometimes we deviate from the path set previously.

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