Christian Lacroix Menswear Fall/Winter 2016

Christian Lacroix Paris born designer, graduated the University of Montpellier to study Art History, in 1971 en enrolled prestige Sorbonne in Paris. The history tells by itself.

Today is released Menswear lookbook for its Fall/Winter 2016 in Paris, leading by this structured scenario, Christian has a completed interior design work at several landmark hotels around the world, is easily to see when he releases its completed full fashion ads worldwide.

Christian Lacroix compelled and reinvented a new way to present casual/sporty suits for the young dynamic millennial that young visionary man who is willing to be employed by new international trademarks. Coloring by typical fall seasons patterns and classic colors, from blues to shades of fiusca, grays, whites including focus on reds spots

The lights and scenario is magisterial, a very inspire one to keep an eye on.


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