VFILES RTW Spring/Summer 2017 New York

VFILES drops a great fashion show to present 5 fashion young designers in New York City: squad came and squad delivered, all destroyed at VFILES Runway 7: Designers.

Notable cameos include: Young Thug who stopped a model to styling mid-show, teen metal band Unlocking The Truth shredding all guitars, also playboicarti performing ‘What’, and the incomparable Waffle NY Dance crew… well, dancing.

Opens the runway was Designer Rushemy Botter at Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp presenting the collection A/W16 “My Patch is my Heart.”

Then we had Ground Zero, mostly of them was womenswear. We only extract the best ones. Titled “Lucy Pussy”.

Then show up, Song Seoyoon, this gal was so happy to see a day before, Naomi Campbell watching and peeking her collection, yeah we saw that on VFILES snapchat.

This is a context entry for VFILES Runway 7. But I had to admit this is my favorite, Creative mind Sanchez-Kane breaks the runway into this Mexico-narco-nostalgic-revolutionary all things mixed up curated by emotional chaos:

EVE was born before ADAM. Our DNA was shift and now men are fighting for their basic rights. Mexico was a macho dominant country before, now women are powerful.  Traditional stereotypes of Mexican society changed.

Trying to regain their identity to find a balance in a mexican women dominate world. A new citizen is born –“ citizen Sanchez-kane” He uses art as advertisement for nationalism and he embrace imperfection; strong sentimental new bread is born. We see the use of language as a weapon of communication, he just wants the world to be in peaceful dialogue and find the balance and equality. Personal and political emotional intrinsic elements are found.

As I say we just want equality, so lets MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN.

And last but not least, Alessandro Trincone presenting “Annodami” designer talks about his own experience with oppression and self fulfillment. Being rai- sed in a socially rough environment, it has always been a challenging issue to express myself; I have gradually understood the importance of loving yourself as it is the only real protection from “evilness”. I believe we are only able to stand against fear with a crystal clear reflection of our inner selves.

See also  Malibu Miami - Milan Gogora by Daniel Holfeld

Rapper Young Thug is wearing latest collection for his new album dropped this past days.

The visual translation of this idea are mainly connected to Japan and its iconography, such as the Ban Gasa, sushi and the Japanese flag. Through the study of the Kosode trousers and traditional kimonos I built a bridge between my Napolitan sartorial heritage and the Nippon culture, a culture clash expressed through overly draped garments, very tight waists, knots and bows. The emphasis on the waist expresses my idea of protection, redefining tightness as a synonym of strength.

The androgynous identity of my inspirational garments reinforces my belief of no-gender boundaries between men and women. The feminine side of every male is explicitly shown through the whole collection, hoping to introduce a new meaning of masculinity, far from the traditional imagery society has carried through time.

Playboi Carti closed VFILES Runway 7 last night.

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