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We want to make a big shout out about all this guys who’s making a huge work every day and reach every goal set on their minds.

Like model Paolo Petru, a Bruxelles based a blue-eyed face, a young muscle boy of 20 years old who has a beauty charming personality along with a stunning toned body.

Paolo has a very bright model experience back in the days, he’s ready to be portrayed in editorials, magazine, catalogue and also, fitness issue like spreads, sporty issue and sporty ads. He can easily pose for underwear or swimwear catalogue.

That’s why he’s willing to work as models for advertising pictures, TV reality shoes and competition castings.

He’s a very passionate young boy, that’s why clients and photographers are looking for him, because he’s so serious and professional for shootings.

He speaks Italian, Spanish, Romanian and English, he doesn’t have any problem to communicate with you at all.

He loves to travel in all Europe, he’s living in Italy, Spain and Belgium. Where all clients and photographer requires boys like him.

He has that spontaneous and charming personality, the one who wants to stick with and enjoying watching all day, Paolo has that blonde beauty, along with that two sides inked arms and melting smile.

For booking do not hesitate to contact him.




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