Everybody get up: 'Blurred Lines' the work of Darren Brade is here

Everybody get up: ‘Blurred Lines’ the work of Darren Brade is here – Exclusive

Everybody get up: “Blurred Lines” the work of Darren Brade is here and provokes addiction.

Joseph Stephen – model, is the right one chosen by Darren to make this inspirational portrait photography, this type of shooting always involves a persons face and male torso.

His body highlighting by the spots located perfectly around this male body, so we can focus on his facial expressions, admire the shades and how the spots can even create atmosphere and drama into any frame.

“Blurred Lines” is the titled work by photographer Darren Brade – exclusively shared for Fashionably Male.

The main focus is the persons face, because a facial expression can tell a certain story. A persons face can indicate the mood and personality of the subject.

“Blurred Lines”

Photography by Darren Brade

Website: www.darrenbrade.com

Instagram: @darrenbrade

Model: Joseph Stephen

Instagram: @josephstephenstudio 

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