How casinos can be a new trend for young millenials

Bingo anyone?

We’re all up for a bit of fun. However, we choose to have it, everyone wants a laugh, everyone wants to feel the thrill of winning, everyone wants to feel happy. And the younger generation are no exception to this.Fulvio Maiani and Fashion Editor Huma Humayun team up to create this James Bond inspired editorial with art direction by Raoul Keil, for the latest issue of Schön! magazine. Models Constanza Saravia and River Viiperi took the leading roles in the shoot, wearing pieces from Hugo Boss.As time goes on, we can notice a shift in the world. People are no longer bound by their offices to do their work – the internet, laptops and our mobile phones have given us the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and remain connected to our colleagues, clients and business associates at the same time. People no longer listen in the dark to the radio for evening entertainment –  television, online channels such as YouTube and Kindles provide us with endless hours of entertainment. The world is evolving. Things are changing. However, some things never change…casinoroyale2Although it can be said that as the Millennium kicked in, and the world became a lot more tech-savvy, board games seemed to lose their appeal amongst the younger generations.

As true as this might have been at the time, board games have made a kicking comeback in recent years. Toy shops have seen a surge in the sales of board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Mouse Trap and Monopoly lately.casinoroyale3 It seems that everyone enjoys a good board game. Interestingly, it is women in particular who have taken a liking to some of the classic board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble and Bingo. Many are finding that they can even play Bingo online games for money and win jackpot prizes – now who wouldn’t want that? As participants can play from anywhere, be it at work, at home, while waiting in the school parking lot, at the doctor’s office or while waiting in the checkout queue at the local grocery store, more and more young women are frequenting these sites to play these classic games.casinoroyale4 Physical board games are timeless. As we settle down at a table with friends and family over a trusted game that we’ve all played a million times, if not more, there’s a sense of belonging and nostalgia that overcomes us. Board games can do that to you. They evoke memories, they inspire motivation and they bring about a sense of unity. They’re a lot more powerful than we think.

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Girls-nights-out-turned-game-nights-in are sweeping the world, as younger women are taking on these classic board games with other friends. This is one way of socialising with girlfriends and reconnecting with people.casinoroyale5 We’re happy to learn that women of all ages are joining the gaming community. Games are not targeting men or children anymore, they’re targeting everyone.

After all, these games were designed to bring people together. And that’s exactly what they are doing.casinoroyale6

Credits pictures:

Ph Fulvio Maiani

Fashion Editor Huma Humayun

Art Direction by Raoul Keil

Talents: River Viiperi & Constanza Saravia for Schön!

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