Brazilian Waves: Patrick Azevedo by Tino Vargas

I can’t believe how gorgeous Brazilians guys are. Thanks to Tino Vargas for taking that flight over to Rio de Janeiro, we now got new promising model Patrick Azevedo from The Icon Management.

His looks screams: I’m gonna do to you bad things, but in the other hand, he’s such a baby!

Boyfriend material over here!patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas1patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas2patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas3patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas4patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas5patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas6patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas7patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas8patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas9patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas10patrick-azevedo-by-tino-vargas11

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