Ready to love portrait Parker Pogue by Sean Micah

It’s been an incredible year for all of us. We still receiving last portrait submissions for Fashionably Male.

We have been seeing and choosing the best photos of this cool guy Indiana born and raise and currently living in New York City; Parker Pogue.

We now know why Sean Micah decided to shoot Parker, he’s adorable!. Sami Rivera was the Make Up Artist, using MAC Cosmetics.parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-1parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-2parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-3parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-4parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-5parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-6parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-7parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-8parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-9parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-10parker-pogue-by-sean-micah-11parker-pogue-by-sean-micah

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