I started with nothing, believing this new format of expressing myself, will heal a broken-heart. It works. This personal hobby suddenly demanded me so much more.

So much more, than you can’t even imagine, some people, may say, blogging is just write some stuff and adding some images around. But is not that simple.

I started on December 2010, I only had 180 visitors.

I didn’t notice about stats, about tagging, about giving credits of any picture I chose from Tumblr or Google.

Editing in English is so harsh even though is my second language. But I completely refused on writing in Spanish. I always though about start writing in English could read me anyone around the world. I know probably my grammar sucks, but I’m not an English Teacher.

I like to write as I think, although I always wanted to write as Oscar Wilde, Nabokov or Cecil Saint-Laurent. But then I started to check how to write appropriately credits on WordPress.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Andrew Morrill by Troy Wise


I chose WordPress.com because it was so simple and easy, until I finished my first 3Gb free storage, and I just started to buy more space and domain. I have never explained title given to this site. I always was so late on any event I had. But no because the traffic on the streets, I always late, because I don’t know what to wear.

So all my friends started to say to me “with stop being fashionable late”, I just played with those words, I had the vision since I was teenager that fashion and man goes hand by hand.

In 2011, I only had 680,539 visitors.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Bobby Creighton by Armando Adajar

I had special features since 2012, models like Martin Migschitz sharing exclusive content for our website. When I had Foto119 stunning material including hunk male model Kenneth Guidroz in our screens, was I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that actually guys from New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Barcelona, Valencia, Rio de Janeiro, Peru, Serbia, Milan, and even Germany and so long, they were watching this project.

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Even in 2012 with 1,956,824 visitors we had an exclusive interview Tuen Simonas Pham, one of the first Catalogue/runway model we’ve met.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Cassio Ferreira by Jeff Segenreich


We double on to 2013, with over two million of visitors, yes I always think, for every dime they put over here, I will be so freaking rich…

I have to thank to all Agencies around the world, because even I tagged on them on every picture, well sometime they easily share any pictures to us. The best thing is how Fashionably Male started to be influencers on them.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Emilio Flores, Juan Betancourt and Pedro Smith



5,457,231 visitors in 2014, even though I started to think of quitting this blog, because it caused several problems with other blogs (they always think that I was stealing material, but I always give credits).

Well some material I re-post are from such inspirational and hard work people from Fucking Young, The Fashionisto, Designs Fever. Even Male Model Scene, yes I have learned from them, yes I have re-post things from them. Visit every site.

But I’m not a quitter I am a cheater. hahaha -jk.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Garrett Neff by Arnoldo Anaya-Lucca



No matter what I am doing, I feel so much passion over male models, clothing, and photography, site likes this, helps so many people to be better on every field they do.

I started to believe that posting this guys, who’s in front and who’s behind the lens, will provided such inspiration, reflects and gives you so much creativity to be who you are, on every scenario.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Joe LoCicero



Yes is such a shame that people want to stole your work from this, because I can’t control that, WordPress.com does not have that widget to not download the image.

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But that’s how every picture started to be viral.

Some people told me, -hey why don’t you just do something else, they don’t understand this site, the only thing is to be creative and inspirational.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Marcio and Marcos Patriota by Dimitris Teocharis


There’s a huge theme about being famous nowadays, people wants to be famous everyday, since Social Network elevates you like the bubbles of a champagne, but also they can drag and drop you in the middle of the dirt.

This site is only a place to be creative, inspirational and elevate you but only if you wanted to, and deserve such a place.

In 2015 we reached over 5,023,359 with just published post 2,292. I’m glad I enjoyed PnV Network, Tom, really really thank you for such a opportunity. I have learned so much from you.

Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Michael Rannelli by Marco Ovando

Has been an upside-down 2016, I am now a full-time blogger, I don’t feel jobless, I just feel that I have to do so many things around here.

Meanwhile I don’t have a actual job, Fashionably Male is now my Company, I lead Fashionably Male. I feel happy every day because I owned FM.

Sometimes is so hard, to get some dimes around here. But hey, every single company started like this, (well I think).

I had a mal-function site on October to November, well I just empty the full storage, I couldn’t buy more space, because WordPress.com does not sell space, I had to buy  a full package with 13Gb new storage.

Then I started to jumped off to WordPress.org to have my own website, I mean, storing with Bluehost, and re-designing Fashionably Male, but I couldn’t afford it, started to charge me for every damn template, every widget, so I had to buy this new storage plan on WordPress.com

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Digital Hunks 6º Anniversary Exhibition
Seth Wilkerson by Karl Simone


I cannot be thankful enough, I have so much to be thankful for, even, every creative thinker and every creative mind involved in every single project.

All the magazines, all stylist, make up artist, assistants, crew, people who help to realizes a project even small or big, I have been behind a huge and small project.

People does not how much people are involved in every project published here. They must know!

To all photographers, to all male models, to all fashion brands, agencies, creative thinkers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, personal trainers, publicists.

My supportive family and closets friends, thank you from the bottom of my plastic heart.

Thank you thank you thank you.



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    Chris Cruz, is probably one of the only reasons I have my blogs. His determination to make his Blog the State of the Art in Male Form and Fashion are a labor of love few have achieved at such an early age. Throughout the years with his few set backs he comes back stronger and more determined. I know it’s not easy. I’ll always appreciate all his work and effort he puts into his blog and consider him a true professional and a very kind and humble friend that I love very much. XOXO, dannyboi2
    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year. 2017

    • I cannot find the exact words to describe how I feel Danny, Thank you so much for being there, through all this years. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2017.

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