Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2017 Paris by Laurent Mac

Photographer Laurent Mac was this Saturday in the presentation for Acne Studios Menswear Collection Fall/Winter 2017-18 in Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris.

In men’s wear right now, there’s the high-tech camp and then there are the traditionalists. Acne’s fall collection landed somewhere in the middle.

For fall, Jonny Johansson — like many other designers’ existential quests this season — said he gave a lot of thought to the relevance of the suit, and today’s conundrum of how to address that young man who is passionate about men’s wear traditions but doesn’t want to look “like they’re working on Wall Street.”

“Everything is very loud at the moment, there’s a lot of talk about business and Donald Trump, and all of that,” said the designer. “I want to go the opposite way. I feel like people want to slow down; calm and quiet.” By Katya Foreman. 

Laurent did a very cautious work presenting this pictorial professional, as you can see below:



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