Handsome award goes to: Model Luis Alberto Montero by Jason Oung

Handsome award goes to South American model Luis Alberto Montero at VRmanagement is photographed by Jason Oung in Malaysia.

Luis Alberto is a 22 yeard old young boy, from South America (Brazil and Chile), he loves to drink coffee, having healthy meals and training so hard everyday, if you wanna keep an eye on him, lets reach him on IG.

Jason has a clever eye to pick his portraits. That’s why he chooses Luis.

Take a look:luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung1luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung2luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung3luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung4luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung5luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung6luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung7luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung8luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung9luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung10luis-alberto-montero-by-jason-oung11

Jason Oung: facebook.com/JasonOungPhotography

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