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He makes the people say: That’s Hot! Alexandr Mikhailov by James Loy

He makes the people say: That’s Hot!  muscle model Alexandr Mikhailov is photographed by James Loy in Los Angeles.

Following next images below, we can scream within us, while we can appreciate the beauty of Alexandr.

We have posted Alexandr in the past, looking flawless with short hair, one time with Rick Day and other with Thomas Synnamon. Now the fitness hunk muse is posing for the lens of James Loy.

Alexandr does not have any inconvenience to show so much skin, as long as, aesthetics dictates. James give the right touches and the edition is phenomenal. We think they really enjoy working together.

alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy3alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy2alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy4alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy5alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy6alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy7alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy8He makes the people say: That's Hot! Alexandr Mikhailov by James Loyalexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy9alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy10alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy11alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy12alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy13alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy14alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy15alexandr-mikhailov-by-james-loy16

“It doesn’t matter how slow do you go, as long as you don’t stop!” —Alexandr.

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