Watch What Happens When Model Nick Sandell Poses for Michael Hallenbeck! /PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Everybody swoons over Nick Sandell. The muscle-bound hunk once again debuts a hot new shoot on Fashionably Male/PnV. Recently, Michael Hallenbeck shot Sandell for their second collaboration in NYC. Their first shoot got the tandem in People’s sexiest man alive issue. This new shoot became famous as a result of a short video that went viral of Nick strutting on the streets in his Calvin Klein underwear. For this shoot, Sandell and Hallenbeck hit the busy NYC streets and wound up in Central Park. Locals and tourists got an eye-full watching the shoot take place. Some onlooker even posted an image on social media of the actual shoot itself with a photo of Hallenbeck snapping pictures of Sandell.

Named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine/Tinder for being the “most swiped right man,” Sandell’s hot hunky appeal is clearly evident! He even appeared on NBC’s “Today” show for winning the Hottest Man. Sandell has also been a long time favorite with our PnV twitter and instagram followers. The 23 year-old New Hampshire native calls Jersey City, NJ home these days. He is 5’10”, 190 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair. Sandell is represented by NY’s Silver Modeling/Chelsea Talent and with Evolution Talent in London. He has also shot for Toronto-based Iovate’s Six Star supplement line, and is one of their sponsored athletes.

While today he is an in-demand fitness model, Sandell hopes to soon be performing in commercials and acting. He says “I’m a huge goofball that will do anything to make someone laugh.” In January, 2017, he made an appearance on Bravo network’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. Sandell was Mr. Golden Globe on the program.

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Michael Hallenbeck is an accomplished NYC photographer who shoots portraits of models, actors and musicians among others. He has a strong eye for detail. And he loves the challenge of shooting outdoors in natural light. He is a perfectionist who calls photography his first, second and last personal interest. Hallenbeck’s a pretty funny guy himself and fan-friendly. Be sure to check out BOTH Michael and Nick on their social media listed below:

Everybody swoons over Nick Sandell. The muscle-bound hunk once again debuts a hot new shoot on Fashionably Male/PnV.nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network2nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network3nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network4nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network5nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network6nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network7nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network8nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network9nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network11nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network12nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network13nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network14nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network15nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network16nick-sandell-by-michael-hallenbeck-pnv-network17

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  1. He’s Damn special all right, I love his Cockiness.

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