This is how Jorge Volkova celebrates 10k of followers!

Can you imagine when he reached 50K? Jorge Volkova is aware of support and love about his fans, so that’s why, he celebrates this occasion to giving to you this sexy pictures titled: “Smoking in the Morning” photographed by Alex Padrón Fotografía aka “El de la gorra vino tinto”.

Jorge is so thankful and a real true gentleman, a real boyfriend material, he strips to bare for you!

The photography is so carefully, looking forward about aesthetics, Jorge looks like a Greek monumental.

So I bet, you wanna following to reach 50K and see whats going on there.jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron1jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron2jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron3jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron4jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron5jorge-volkova-by-alex-padron6

I you wanna see more about Jorge, take a lok over here. Plus following on IG.

Photo: Alex Padrón Fotografía “El de la gorra vino tinto”


Make Up: Marco Sándor Makeup


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  1. He only needs one follower and that’s me!

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