Step right into lensman Alfredo Tirado’s World feat. Rafael Sánchez

Is Friday y’all, come on and step right into lensman Alfredo Tirado’s world feat. male model Rafael Sánchez.

Let me tell you this in a few sentences, Alfredo Tirado is all in one, a full 24/7 creative-mind,  videographer and photographer, he never leaves his camera outside, he loves and enjoys his work, and can be seen here.

In the other hand, we have this new young male model signed by New Icon Model Rafael Sánchez, styled by Alejandro Carvajal. We really enjoy how Rafael unfolds this sexy unknown character, and he’s got amazing looks (including body and face).rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado1rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado2rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado3rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado4rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado5rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado6rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado7rafael-sanchez-by-alfredo-tirado8

p h o t o g r a p h y :

Alfredo Tirado


instagram – @alfredofilmphoto

m o d e l :

Rafael Sánchez

New Icon Model Management

instagram – @rafaelsanchez_4

s t y l i s t :

Alejandro Carvajal

instagram – @ale.carvajal

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