Photographer Javier Cortina presents: Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger term from mid 19th Century, from Germany, literally ‘double-goer,’ an apparition or double of a living person.

This is the work by artsy Spanish photographer Javier Cortina presents: Doppelgänger, featuring model Guillermo Wandresen. Make up artist by David Chapanoff.

Now let’s appreciate artsy interpretation by true artists:

guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina2Photographer Javier Cortina presents: Doppelgängerguillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina3guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina5guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina4guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina6guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina8guillermo-wandressen-by-javier-cortina7

Javier Cortina works can been seen at :

Also you can see some of his work published here.

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