Josh Kloss is full of hearts celebrating Valentine’s Day

Inside Melrose Place department by photographer Wadley Wadley, a sexy Josh Kloss is covered only by a big 💗.

Enjoy this melting hunk and follow him on IG – @joshkloss as well as Wadley Photography a brilliant guy who is always behind a lens somewhere in Los Angeles.

Is been a while not to see Josh around here, we’ve seen him around in 2012- 2013 active and posing as male model regularly and working in Los Angeles. Then we now know – because of his Social Network that he’s now a comedian.josh-kloss-by-wadley-photography1josh-kloss-by-wadley-photography2josh-kloss-by-wadley-photography3josh-kloss-by-wadley-photography4josh-kloss-by-wadley-photography5

Happy Valentine’s Day 💗

If you wanna see Josh starring an underwear Campaign, check here.

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