Stare at new work ‘CHAK Pt I’ by GreenInc

During all these years blogging, Tumblr has been a great and awesome platform to all artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, models, graphics, stylist, art collectors, designers, as blogger, is one big tool for me to find inspiration/motivation, and unknown artist as many I have presented during all these years.

Let’s meet GreenInc a Manchester based photographer and presents this story for its personal project “Brother”, featuring model Chak from Nemesis Models an agency also based in Manchester. Work styled by zigournie.

I was listening The Weeknd – “I Feel It Coming” (Ft. Daft Punk) when I was digging around Tumblr, then I scrolled down and saw this with 348 likes on it including mine.

The work is splendid, really moves me, and provokes thoughts, I think that’s a one big part of photographer’s job, take your mind to somewhere else.

Scroll down and read following artsy letter by GreenInc.


There is no politics on show here. 

I am young, black, creative and I am a man. These are similarities I share with the subjects I have chosen to photograph.

I have chosen celebrate myself and other young black men I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with – taking their stories and capturing them within a frame for eternity. I make no attempt to redefine what it is to be black, young or man, I simply take what I have seen and share it with you. My aim is not to show these men as ‘beautiful’ in particular but instead showcase them as they are; sad, pretty, confused, lost and everything else along the spectrum of what we can be as humans. Perhaps that, that simple acknowledgement that we are not one but many things, is beautiful in itself.

What reason do I have not celebrate us?


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  1. soulbrotha

    Chak is beautiful and so is Greeninc’s aesthetic. Bravo.

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