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By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Clean and classic best describes the work of Southern California photographer Sarah Mireya. An aficionado of black & white film, Sarah does portrait and lifestyle imagery. According to Sarah, her secret to attaining such a clean, classic feel to her photography is that “I don’t over edit, especially if I’m working with a male model.  I keep every texture to make sure it’s as sharp as possible.” 

Sarah has been published in 83 modeling agencies worldwide, starting 8 years ago with Ford Models in LA. Her work has appeared in countless publications. Among her most recognized work is shoots with two Hollywood stars. Sarah’s work with actor Garrett Clayton recently appeared in Vulkan Magazine; Garrett starred in NBC’s recent smash “Hairspray Live” as well as “King Cobra” with actor James Franco, and “Teen Beach Movie” on Disney. Included in our presentation below.

Sarah actually fell in love with photography when she was 16 years old, and her mother kept making her snap memories of their European vacation. She recalled, “The compensations. The lighting. The angles. It all started there.” For over three years, she did film photography before evolving into digital. She loved how clean the B&W film images were and decided to bring that same feel to her digital work. Sarah remarked, “I’m mostly known for doing black and white photography.  I love all the different shades you can create from it.”

Born in Moreno Valley, California, Sarah now calls Riverside, CA home. When not snapping photos in LA, she travels to places like New York and Atlanta for work, and hopes to work soon in Europe. For fun, Sarah and her husband collect vintage video game consoles and classic 1990’s toys. “We both are collectors and have a blast playing video games from our past.”

Sit back and enjoy “The Male Model Collection,” a variety of work from photographer Sarah Mireya:

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Abraham Hodgens by Sarah Mireya
Abram Hodgens @ Next Models
Bryan Lillis by Sarah Mireya
Bryan Lillis @ TWO Management
Charlie Matthews by Sarah Mireya
Charlie Matthews @ DT Models
Cory Bower by Sarah Mireya
Cory Bower @ MSA Models
Garrett Clayton by Sarah Mireya
Garrett Clayton – Actor
Isaac Weber by Sarah Mireya
Isaac Weber @ Ford Models
James Wood by Sarah Mireya
James Wood @ White Cross Models
Josh Slack by Sarah Mireya
Josh Slack @ TWO Management
Lance Parker by Sarah Mireya
Lance Parker @ TWO Management
Matthew Vande Vegte by Sarah Mireya
Matthew Vande Vegte @ TWO Management
Matthew Williams by Sarah Mireya
Matthew Williams @ DT Models
Zander Hodgson by Sarah Mireya
Zander Hodgson – Actor

You can find more on Sarah Mireya at: @sarahmireyaphoto

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