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Would you dare to stare at Hotel 6 – Damian Effler by Serge Lee

Staring behind through that wall, there’s a man laying around in bed.

Damian Effler with an incredibly beautiful body sculpture is captured by Serge Lee in this new photo-session taken inside a room from Hotel 6 Columbus – a Sixty Hotel located just steps from Columbus Circle in midtown New York City.

Damian and Serge had to make this contact to be able to do this work together, I hope it will happen again, they did an exceptional chemistry and it is reflected in this private session that we are now presenting

Would you dare to go inside and see what’s behind those walls? It will take you by surprise, because what you will find next is this:

Damian Neff by Serge Lee1Damian Neff by Serge Lee2Damian Neff by Serge Lee3Damian Neff by Serge Lee4Damian Neff by Serge Lee5Damian Neff by Serge Lee6Damian Neff by Serge Lee7Damian Neff by Serge Lee8Damian Neff by Serge Lee9Damian Neff by Serge Lee10Damian Neff by Serge Lee11Damian Neff by Serge Lee12Damian Neff by Serge Lee13Damian Neff by Serge Lee14

Don’t forget to sneak a little on “Nothing But Jeans” by Serge Lee.


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