Poland’s Next Top Model Samuel Kowalski by Koc & Stefanowski

Samuel Kowalski participated at Poland’s Next Top Models cycle 5 showing off new work with duo of photographers Koc & Stefanowski.

Is the fifth cycle of an ongoing reality show based on Tyra BanksAmerica’s Next Top Model that pits contestants from Poland against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win the title of the next Polish Top Model.

The model is 6’1 from SD Models is eliminated in episode 11 of the reality show. But since then, Samuel has led a solid career, with 65K supporters in Instagram and a good future at Warsaw.

The work is harmoniously stylized by Ania Akińcza and make up artist by Patrycja Michera.

Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski1Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski2Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski3Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski4Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski5Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski6Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski7Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski8Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski9Samuel Kowalski by Koc and Stefanowski10

You can keep watching the work of  Koc & Stefanowski, also has been seen it at Yearbook Fanzine and Kalblut.

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