Attention: WAPO Wear drops a New Collection 2017 and is totally hot!

What you got in mind when you think about getting a nice speedo? Well first of all, let me tell you that spring vacations is around this corner, you have reached a very important goal in the gym and it is time that you show all your effort with these clothes that I am going to present you.

WAPO Wear drops right now a New completely fabulous collection, geez!, and we are so excited to present, first of all, the session which opens the new swimwear season took place in beautiful city Rio De Janeiro where colorful new designs are in contrast with exotic nature and velvet caramel skin of model William Santos.

WAPO Wear just released new swimwear collection. The most eclectic collection yet contains bold prints, vibrant colors, timeless black and white designs with modern twist and interesting patterns. As previous years WAPO is using high quality Italian fabric and all swimwear is made in Europe.

Photo by Michael Guapo.

William Thuller for WAPO Wear1-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear2-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear3-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear4-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear5-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear6-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear7-editWilliam Thuller for WAPO Wear8-edit

WAPO Wear now offers Free Shipping for all orders and wide selection more than 50 swimwear designs together with limited WAPO Eye-wear collection.

Visit www.WAPOWEAR.com and check out new collection 2017!

Don’t feel convinced? Well we have 8 pics you can tell Spring is coming to shop now on WAPO WEAR.

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  1. soulbrotha

    Hot! More men of color, please.

  2. […] Attention: WAPO Wear drops a New Collection 2017 and is totally hot! […]

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