Unfuckwithable like Breno Dalsgaard – Shots by Rodrigo Nunes

Unfuckwithable is when you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bother you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. This is Breno Dalsgaard photographed by Rodrigo Nunes.

One thing for sure, Breno looks so handsome and sfreaking sexy here. Every year that passes by, Breno looks so charming like any Brazilian in Rio de Janeiro.

Styling by Ronaldo Robim who made all possible to happened and he shared this work.

Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes1Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes2Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes3Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes4Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes6Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes7Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes8Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes9Breno Dalsgaard by Rodrigo Nunes10

Do you wanna see more about Breno through here, yes this is possible. You can see here.

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  1. Is he wearing black tape one his arms? Omg!

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