Behind the Black Curtain by Christian Holthausen – Exclusive

How can this be? How can this exist? So you know everything about portrait photography. Wanna bet?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but this is an absolutely lovely portrait by photographer Christian Holthausen, comes with “Behind the Black Curtain” featuring beautiful new talent Alexander Adu.

It is more than proven that a talented photographer does not need much gadgets or sophisticated equipment, nor great productions to perform a beautiful work of artistic portraiture like this.

Can you keep a secret? is all about lighting, getting the right angle and boom clicked right away, of course the muse helps us a lot. Christian Holthausen’s passion is photography. Especially portraying people.

Christian Holthausen first contacted to a camera was in 1989 at the age of 15. His goal: to capture the idol of his youth, the Winnetou performer Pierre Brice.Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen2Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen3Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen4Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen5Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen6Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen7Alexander Adu by Christian Holthausen1

Then check later this work from Holthausen – Jörn Amberger by Christian Holthausen Photography.

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