After a Green Card is granted you dress like Nick Sailor by Srdjan Sveljo

After a Green Card is granted you just think of wearing read, white, blue and stars. He’s Nick Sailor and he makes me feel so good to eyes. Photographed by fashionista Srdjan Sveljo.

The hottest features from Nick is his stunning hairy fit body and his great attitude in front of the lens. He always got this great vibe and personality and transmited in every way he can.

We fell a lot patriots around here. Even when United States is not in its best moment. We just release this American sexy portrait:

Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo1Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo2Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo3Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo4Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo5Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo6Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo7Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo8Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo9Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo10Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo11Nick Sailor by Sdrjan Sveljo12

If you want to know about Nick, we have another story from Srdjan Sveljo we posted a few months ago.

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