On South Beach with Cory Bower and Tristian Thevenot In a Stefan Mreczko Pictorial

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Models Cory Bowers of MSA Models NYC and Tristian Thevenot of Wilhelmina Models NYC were recently captured on South Beach in some exiting new images by Stefan Mreczko.

Mreczko is a NYC-based photographer whose work is focused on fashion, editorial and portraiture. When not taking photographs, he plays on New York’s Gotham volleyball league and listens to way too much Madonna music.

Enjoy some Sunshine State fun with Cory and Tristian:

Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko1Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko2Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko3Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko4Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko5Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko6Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko7Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko8Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko9Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko10Cory & Tristian by Stefan Mreczko11

You can find Cory Bower on social media at:
You can find Tristian Thevenot on social media at:
You can find more work by photographer Stefan Mreczko at:
Check out Stefan’s website: 
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