Ready to rejoice Androxx: “Brave New World”

NYC based artist photographer Androxx returns with stunning pieces, after a long paused, and we need him in our system.

The photographer talks with Jacopo Nuvolari in an exclusive interview for 1883 Magazine to present his new work, it’s part of the new series debuting at the Night Fever Gallery event, (opening July 7 at Future Tenant), entitled “Brave New World” a photographic series serving as a commentary on post-Trump America.

I’d like you to see the following link at 1883 Magazine and read about the artist to discuss his work, politics and Night Fever, an upcoming group show devoted to the disco years and featuring some of Androxx’s latest photos.

Why don’t we just enjoy a sneak peek from Androxx:

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Androxx, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (2017) Model: Ryan Winter
Cherub Rock
Androxx, Cherub Rock (2017) Model: Will Fordyce
Don't Leave Me This Way
Androxx, Don’t Leave Me This Way (2017) Model: Ryan Winter
Androxx, Home (2017) Model: Ryan Winter
Play The Game
Androxx, Play the Game (2017) Model: Andy Peeke
Pop Muzik
Androxx, Pop Muzik (2017) Model: Max Jablonksy

Night Fever runs from 7th July-13th August at Future Tenant Art Space, 819 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222. For more info: www.futuretenant.org/

Models: Ryan Winter, Max Jablonsky, Andy Peeke and Will Fordyce.

Photography by Androxx / www.androxx.com

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