Introducing Alejandro Fernandez-Holt by Tom Dingley & X.O.X.O.

If you’re heartless we can give you one big red heart. Big brain, super hottie with a body and full of charisma, we introduce you Alejandro Fernandez-Holt cooperates with the new series portrait+projection by photographer Tom Dingley, who executed this perfectly, because I have posted this protections before, but not like this good one.

The projection is not added on purpose with photoshop, Tom use a proyector to make the session focusing on Alejandro’s hotness. But who’s this kid? Alejandro is an entrepreneur, model, pet lover, musician, extrovert and loves to travel. Check out his IG.

Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley1Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley2Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley3Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley4Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley5Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley6Alejandro Fernandez Holt by Tom Dingley7

The work of Tom we love, and we feel full of happiness, love and good vibes for this weekend, so I suggest that you follow Tom in his social networks that I put here. Do not forget to check all series portrait + projection by Tom Dingley.

But stay tune Tom’s got one more for us guys! X.O.X.O 💋

Photographer – Tom Dingley @TomDingleyPhoto (Twitter and Instagram)
Series – Portrait+Projection #portraitprojection @PortraitProjection (Instagram)
Model – Alejandro Fernandez Holt (Insta – @alefernandezholt. Twitter – @AlejandroFHolt)
Styling and hair by photographer & model.
White t-shirt – Asos.
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