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Kolor Spring/summer 2018 Paris

The collection carried a tongue-in-cheek Ivy League theme.

By Katya Foreman

It’s an old classic in terms of themes, but the tongue-in-cheek delivery gave it a new spin. Junichi Abe channeled the “flavor” of preppy, Ivy League dressing in Kolor’s fun, mercy-friendly collection.

The takeaways included a navy blazer with gold buttons and a gold Tokyo-themed embroidered badge, a cute duffel overhauled in a crispy light nylon overdyed orange and tennis sweaters with an oversized letter K slapped at the neckline.

Abe also subverted the theme through cuts and fabric effects like the T-shirts that looked as though they were made from jersey but had a stiff papery touch, and sweatshirts with boomerang sleeves that created a round volume.

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