2017 Gay Pride March In New York City

After 3 weeks long working on Fashion Week (First on London, then Milan and finished with Paris), a completely non-stop marathon, but hard work should be done, now; besides New York Fashion Week is on July.

But this past weekend was Gay Pride March in US and I received on my email this stunning photos from New York City, and I couldn’t resist not mentioned this. You know that many people in the Big Apple go out and march and enjoys this parade. Well if you’re a NYC-lover like me, please enjoy this union between people from all races, from all ages, from all genres, who only want two: peace and love.

The pictures speak for itself, it’s a party, where people is united to march in favor and support minorities, where people is supporting each other, united with love and one goal: we want respect!

In the past, America has suffered so much with homophofia, racism, and violation of human rights, in all the United States they are marching for peace, so that the diversity that lives in America is respected, and that ignorance does not reign in this country that is the most powerful of the continent.


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I hope that this kind of marches will not stop in the month of June, and that they follow the respect of choosing to love the person you want, without punishment, without judging, without violating the rights of anyone, because at the end of the road, the Love is the only that saves the day.

Hope next year could be there.


(June 24, 2017 – Source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America)

Enjoy watching this, while listening into this playlist.

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