Model Gabe Witmer impresses in new shots by Henry Wu

A few weeks ago, model Gabe Witmer from Wilhelmina Models gets new shots by photographer Henry Wu.

Gabe is a model who loves the sea, surf and is a guy very dedicated to modeling, he has his own blog, where they can see his latest portraits, collaborations, videos, and everything that happens in his life.

“Surfing…Where to start. I used to beg my dad to take me whenever he would go which seemed like almost every day. He would come home afterwards and act out his waves whether it was getting barreled, doing a huge turn or even taking a solid set to the dome. His arms were in the air, his voice was extremely animated and I hung on every word. Regardless of which part he reenacted, I knew I had to try and I knew I would love it.” —Gabe.

Gabe is an amazing candidate to be selected for doing commercial ads, Tv broadcast, even he could be a great TV host,  he’s got this really charming features, and amazing toned body, he dedicates many hours of gym and having a life fitness ahead. Although he has good genes. 😍

And Henry had this great opportunity to work with Wilhelmina models and updates their pics, so you’re going to see in the following weeks.

Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu1Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu2Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu3Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu4Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu5Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu6Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu7Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu8Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu9Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu10Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu11Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu12Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu13Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu14Gabe Witmer by Henry Wu15

Follow Gabe on Instagram here. And read Gabe’s blog here.

Photographer Henry Wu.

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