Carlos Gajón in “Tender Wilderness” by Jose Luis Lozano

Mexico City based Photographer Jose Luis Lozano gather around with fresh face from agency Paragon Models to updates portfolio.

Carlos Gajón is a beautiful boy of 6’2”, according to his agency, brown hair and eyes and long legs ready to walk any runway floor.

In the next images, Jose Luis and Carlos makes this test shots for Paragon and we can see him on Nautica underwear, shirtless, posing there and here, the grooming is by Andres Díaz.

Carlos coming in the pictures with basic essentials by Calvin Klein tank top, Jam sports boxer briefs, Adidas Superstar sneakers, Wrangler denim jacket and among others.

Take a look, and don’t forget to follow Carlos on Instagram and you can see the work of Jose Luis Lozano on Instagram.

Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano1Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano2Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano3Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano4Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano5Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano6Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano7Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano8Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano9Carlos Gajón by Jose Luis Lozano10

Carlos Gajón Instagram / @ Paragon Models

Jose Luis Lozano Photography / Instagram / Site

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