‘MONSTER’ featuring Logo’s ‘Fire Island’ Star KHASAN BRAILSFORD!

Choreographer, dancer and performer Khasan Brailsford  has been very busy with the recordings of the episodes for Logo’s ‘Fire Island’  a group of young professionals living together in a beachfront share house for the summer as they search for the romance, temptation and … well you’re gonna see about that.

kashan idea 1Between recordings he was able to escape to realize the new project in video of the director Kim Willecke that without a doubt he agreed to realize and make it his own.kashan idea 2But let me tell you this, Khasan is known as one of the most sought after dancers and aerialists in the entertainment industry. As a Los Angeles native, he was fortunate to train with and assist the leading instructors and choreographers in the business.
kashan idea 3His extensive training provides him an ability to become a chameleon in any type of movement style. Khasan has consistently performed on major world tours every year for the past 7 years.

kashan idea 4In addition to recently finishing Katy Perry‘s worldwide Prismatic Tour, he has toured with P!NK, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Kylie Minogue, Keyshia Cole, and Paulina Rubio. Khasan has recently been featured in critically acclaimed movies such as LaLa Land’ & ‘The Greatest Showman’.kashan idea 5

In the new project titled “MONSTER” is about overcoming a dark, painful past. It’s about honoring yourself and not letting anyone tear you down. Is Khasan feels identified? Definitely you’re gonna find out when you see the video.

kashan idea 6

The video is directed by Kim Willecke and his way of seeing things makes us too inspiring, takes us from calm to rebellion, from happiness to sadness, from agony to apathy is a transition of emotions and in the end everything indicates a single path, love.

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khasan idea 7

With “Monster” Willecke goes beyond, with a visionary eye and see how Khasan wants to transmit his own journey and Kim is reflected on Khasan’s journey and vice versa is a circle, what goes around comes around. Phil Shaw comes to this project, he’s the Visual Art Director of the video, and made this beautiful promotional singlets with glitch effect. Check his IG ’cause he’s gotta a lot of amazing artwork there.

Khasan idea 8

Dennis Jauch is the photographer and producer of this project and believe me guys, this is a great crew to work for, Dennis is a real pro  there’s so much talent involved. Supported by No Ceilings Entertainment.

khasan idea 9

They giving all their creativity in this video, the location was placed in Malibu, and this is a beautiful video, Khasan kills it, while performing shirtless, showing off a strong toned male torso and he’s dances and contour through the music of Jacob Banks and Khasan sensed up the monster is there and leaves you speechless.

Director and Editor: Kim Willecke Instagram @kimwillecke
Visual Director: Phil Shaw Instagram @Phil_Shaw
Producer: Dennis Jauch Instagram @dennisjauch
Talent: Khasan Brailsford Instagram @khasanb84
Music: Jacob Banks – Monster
Stylist:  Isabelle Jezebel
  1. This guy is really good looking but the pics shown are way too small to do him justice.

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