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Jack & Tonic – A Serge Lee Pictorial

The following work is by photographer Serge Lee during last visit in New York City, and Jack is his male muse, take a look over this frames.

There is nothing better than seeing a handsome guy sure to teach his body without any shame or embarrassment, but we must continue educating people who thinks the body is the enemy, the body is our temple and we only have one.

Serge Lee has spent endless hours teaching his followers, clients and fans that the body is a work of art, and whenever he has a chance to go to New York he takes advantage and he does the best he can do: photographing.

Jack is our muse and we praise his relentless beauty in the following frames, and he is styled by beloved friend Kai Jankovic.

Take a look:

Jack by Serge Lee1Jack by Serge Lee2Jack by Serge Lee3Jack by Serge Lee4Jack by Serge Lee5Jack by Serge Lee6Jack by Serge Lee7Jack by Serge Lee8

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