Tomas Maier Resort 2018 Collection

Mariano is once again the image for Tomas Maier, and he’s photographed by David Schulze modeling camouflage pattern on jackets, trousers and even on swim shorts and speedos given that sporty but casual trend that is so fashionable right now.

Vogue congratulated Tomas two months ago with a really nice writing on vogue.com quoting “When Tomas Maier launched his eponymous line in 1997, the term athleisure was barely a twinkle in the fashion industry’s collective eye. That’s precisely why Maier, who had previously worked at Hermès and later signed on as the creative director at Bottega Veneta in 2001, opted to launch his line of swimwear and cashmere sweaters.”


Maier naturally can’t abide the thought of that, but having partnered with Kering (Bottega Veneta’s owner) in 2014, he’s grown his Tomas Maier brand into a full lifestyle range of ready-to-wear shoes, accessories, jewelry, and eyewear that follows the same ethos as those early bathing suits and knits: casual, yet designed. “I don’t want it to be, ‘I’m wearing fashion, I’m making a statement today,’ but it’s not banal or generic either,” he says.

The article ended with Tomas talking about his new website, “Your experience of the website won’t change that much; it’ll just technically be much better,” he says. “It’s not a website where you go and you have 20 black T-shirts and 60 bags, 10 with shoulder straps. I don’t like websites like that. I don’t want to look at 100,000 things—too much, and I want nothing in the end.” At the new tomasmaier.com that won’t be an issue.

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