Beautiful Ass

Adam Dubanowitz never looked so good in short session by Serge Lee

Adam is serving real hot poses in never-seen-before pictures taken by Serge Lee in New York City.

The fitness model who’s dedicate to be a healthy mentor online, is posing with just a tiny speedo and a coat provided by stylist Kai Jankovic in the following pictures.

In the frames, we can see Adam reflects his perfect toned fit body silhouette, until we came to a one pic that flashes completely in a coat but a marked is covering his male parts. (Sorry!)

And then we have highlighting in black and white pictures where he removes the coat and posing in nude along in NY apartment floor.

Enjoy while you can:Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 1Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 2Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 3Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 4Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 5Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 6Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 7Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 8Adam Dubanowitz by Serge Lee 9

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