Call 911 after see banned shots from provocateur Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde

Any idea to be provocateur as hell, well get in touch and contact to photographer Xram Ragde in Manila, and just let it go with the flow.

Before some one else called 911, let me tell you, this images from Hans Weiser are one of the best pictorial ever seen before. Probably this is banned in some foreign place, Hans is serving how a guy could be provocateur without even show a full frontal shots. So I’m wonder how many of you guys is beating your heart so fast right now. ‘Cause right now I’m one.

Hans is a Brazilian model from Manaos, and now he’s working in Manila, yeah that place love so much Latinos and specially Brazilian models.

Stick to this:

Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde1Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde2Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde3Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde4Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde5Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde6Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde7Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde8Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde9Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde10Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde11Hans Weiser by Xram Ragde12

Follow instantly Hans Weiser Instagram,  @hans_weiser. And of course you can see more of provocatur images by Xram Ragde following his account: @xramragde.

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