Balcony stories in Barcelona by Migle Golubickaite

After traveling to Milan, photographer Migle Golubickaite flew over Barcelona and shared this new men’s board, presenting new faces from different agencies in Barcelona, shirtless masculine guys, with strong features, hairy muscle bodies.

Barcelona a country full of culture, events of all kinds, showing the best in technology, fashion and fun, has a great variety of genres and different types of men.

Migle manages to capture each essence, focuses on each male trait, these boys have a homely, versatile look, can be in any fashion, commercial, and ready to work.

Let’s see what he captured:

Adrian Gallardo

Christian Navarro

Daniel De Wolf

Marc Oliva

Matteo Moreno

Medin Bayon

Raul Gimenez

Photography: Migle Golubickaite @miglegolubickaite

Models: Christian Navarro( insta: chrisnavarro87)
Marc Oliva ( insta: marcoliva5)
Medin Bayon (insta: bayon_garcia) @ Trend models
Raul Gimenez (insta: raulgimenezh)
Matteo Moreno (insta: teomoreno) @ Elite Barcelona
Adrian Gallardo (insta: agallard87)
Daniel De Wolf (insta: danieldewolf) @ View model management

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