Argentine beauty Ivan Geringer photographed by Jason Oung

There are great opportunities for South American boys to work in Asia, many agencies, re-instill Latino boys, and work in specialty agencies in commercials, advertising, publishing and runways.

The photographer Jason Oung specializes in photographing the most popular guys in Kuala Lumpur, in this case he has been working with Ivan, in these photos where we can see that Ivan reflects that simplicity, charisma, has a fabulous smart look and is very handsome like any Argentinian.

In these photos tests, modeling agencies can realize when the model can work in any field of fashion. Ivan is suitable for any field. Don’t you think?Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung1Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung2Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung4Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung5Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung6Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung7Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung8Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung9Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung10Ivan Geringer by Jason Oung11

You can see all the work from Jason Oung gere with us. Take a look here.

And do not forget to follow Ivan on Instagram: @ivangeringer Ivan Agency @andrewsmodelsmalaysia in Malaysia.


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  1. What a beautiful young man, you can see the Italian in him.

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