You would never get bored of David Turner new shots by JONO

They said the good die young, that just ain’t right. David Turner is a worth living human to see everyday in our lives. Just go to run to his IG.

The following pictures are taken by JONO in Los Angeles, after a long period not to see this guy, David comeback to Fashionably Male with this new stunning frames where David looks so handsome and adorable, I mean for real, he’s got this sex appeal like a magnet to attract people from everywhere.

Take a look:Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_001Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_002Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_003Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_004Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_005Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_006Jono-Photography_David Turner_WEB_007Photography JONO Photography @jonophotography / www.jonophoto.com
Talent David Turner @dturn92 / 👻dturn92

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  1. […] hot body, we never forget David because we exhibited a few time ago in a pics by Jono, catch him here, and he still is a fitness addict, as we can see, follow him onto Snapchat/IG, he’s […]

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